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        1. Brand Idea: confidence and love

          Cooperation projects with Magfun:?
          1. Together with five large enterprises such as TRU, Hasbro, Bobdog early education, we have built partner cooperation mode.
          2. New products are on line synchronously in 9 large E-commerce platform, i.e.: JD, Suning, Tmall, CCTV network mall and so on.
          3. We have authorized several large enterprises in domestic and overseas such as Korea JHEDU, Taiwan small Oxford.
          4. More then 336 stores are selling us Magfun products over the whole country until April 15, 2016.
          5. There are 7 airport stores selling the magfun toys.

          Magfun on hand, Modeling changeful

          “destroy and rebuild” the child is rebuilding his ability, rather then destroying a toy.

          LATEST NEWS

          Confidence and love

          The child is rebuilding his ability, rather then destroying a toy.

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